Mercury Rising is site dedicated to the fine art of culture jamming, in the spirit of Mercurius, the Roman god, who is characterized as eloquent, shrewd, swift, and thievish. Mercury has his mythological roots in the Greek god Hermes, the trickster-like messenger of the gods. But the legend of  both Hermes and Mercurius comes from Hermes Trismegistus the “thrice great,” often combined with the Egyptian demigod Thoth. He was an Egyptian sage said to have been a contemporary of the biblical Moses, and the author of the Emerald Tablet. Hermes was the carrier and promoter of a loose set of teachings known to it’s medieval proponents as Hermeticism. The authenticity of the works attributed to him can not be traced back much beyond the early medievalism. Like many of history’s character both his work and his character are likely an amalgamation influences.  The phrase “hermetically sealed” refers the secrecy with which these teachings were guarded throughout the ages, especially in less “tolerant” times.

In addition to having mythological significance to alchemy, mercury along with sulphur and salt are one of the three prime constituents in its practical and spiritual applications. In this alchemical trinity, mercury is the mediator between the active and the passive principles of nature. The mediator of extremes works through all of our extensions of media, from neolithic stone tools to the internet. In this way, Mercurious is not the “messenger of the gods,” but the key constituent of communication in all its forms, the expresser of Universal Mind.

The third entendre afoot is the mercury climbing the thermometer as the temperature rises.  Many of you have no doubt taken notice of the world situation. It’s weird! We live in an extremely volatile world. The situation is rapidly accelerating into ever-complexifying novelty. We appear to be in an age of limits, and what happens if we reach limits is anyone’s guess, maybe machines will become self-aware, maybe we will understand time in the same way we understand space.

There are a lot of theories out there, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, whatever happens will be surprising and novel beyond our wildest imagination. The best adventure is always and forever the one yet to come. We aim not to multiply theories or create new beliefs. We are in no-wise promoting factionalism of any kind. Instead we hope to undermine certainty and to dissolve boundaries created by our frivolous use of certainty and belief.

This is not some platform for the author to hurl her or his suppositions at a world ravenous to consume entertainment. This will work best as a conversation. So join in the discussion! leave comments, send e-mails. Let me know when I am being stupid and ridiculous. While some of the purposes of the blog medium are purely self-indulgent, I do hope to initiate a dialogue about some of the stranger aspect of reality with which we are confronted in this most plural of times.

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