Alchemy and Inner Transformation

Frédéric Lionel was an author and teacher of the Western Esoteric Tradition, a loose term that describes a set of teachings that is an amalgam of, among other influences, ancient Egyptian, Judea-Christian, Chaldean, and Babylonian sources, handed down from teacher to student.

Frédéric was also the teacher of my parents. Although, I never remember meeting the man, he performed my christening as a baby, and I remember my parents journeying to France and Germany to see Frédéric. At the time, I didn’t really know what sort of teachings they were seeking from Frédéric, but it was clear that he seemed important to them.

My late father wrote in the comment section of this rare YouTube appearance, “Frédéric was a master teacher. Think for yourself. -So Will, Love, Wisdom reflected by Charity, Hope, Faith are the petals of the Rose, symbolic of the sublimation of matter, blossoming at the center of the Cross, revealing the mystery of Life in the crucible of the world.”

Whatever, one thinks about alchemy, western esotericism, and it’s symbols is not important to Mercury Rising, these are secondary to the awakening of all available modes of perception and the ability of the individual to think on one’s own two feet, free of concept, opinion, and belief.

There is no one, no text, no teaching, no set of beliefs that give you the ability to think for yourself. There is no need or requirement to enclose yourself in a concept, you don’t need to ask an expert or authority if it is so, be still, and find out for yourself.

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