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“Argue Not Concerning God” -Walt Whitman

Friends be not displeased. First and foremost “God” is a concept: a set of abstract letter-forms, which create, in the psyche, a particular set of mental, emotional, and perhaps spiritual responses; a symbol that corresponds with a notion that there is one power that is higher than any that can be conceived of.

All things, perceivable and not, function in the totality, as the totality. One cannot make an mental image of oneness. For that to be possible there must be a place from which to observe “it,” and if you are successful in becoming an observer, then there are already two entities in relationship with one another.

Rest assured that whatever we are a part of is totally and utterly incomprehensible. If you are believer or a nonbeliever, if you carry with you a sense of the sacred, or the deeply personal, do not be so quick to bring such matters into the hubris of public debate. If we can take this issue of “God” out of allegebility for debate, then perhaps we can discuss how we are going to live together. How we defines ourselves in the universe is nobody’s business but our own. This logically extends to all current debates surrounding abortion, contraception, gay marriage, drug use, and the like. These are all rights of any sovereign being. Stand down, moral and religious zealots, it’s time to take step back and dig yourself.

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