“Can the Content End?”

Via Negativa

From the religious mystic‘s point of view, the “negative way” or via negativa, is at the core of all world religions. The work of which is absolute self-abnegation. This concept is regularly combined with selfless service, abstaining from pleasures, or in its extremity, self-abuse. These types of positive expressions are not what Krishnamurti is discussing here. Rather, K proposes entering into truth without method.

Self-abnegation, for Mercury Rising’s purposes, is the understanding of what one is through the understanding of what one is not. In this, one is empty of a sense of self and empty of the drive to draw meaning from events. Identity and meaning are self-projected images, or the story we tells ourselves after the events happen, rather than reality as it is happening. It is through the lens of the self that we distort reality. This does not imply a denial of the content of the self, but rather a plain and simple awareness of the content in its totality.

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