The Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin

I grew up hearing the stories of the exploits of the incomparable Mulla Nasrudin. My father would often tell them as lessons relating to a particular life circumstance that my siblings or I were undergoing.

One might say that Nasrudin was a mercurial sage. Many of his stories are told by various folk traditions, but if you were to ask the Sufi mystic and scholar, Idres Shah, he would say that all these stories have as their source, the Mulla Nasrudin tales. He even claims that the character of Don Quixote was inspired by Nasrudin.

But it is not important from whence they came, but that they carry with them a quality of irreverence and truth that is often tricky to get a grasp on. However the message of this video is more clear: a comment on hubris of the religious and spiritual authorities in legislating the acceptable boundaries of religious expression. These days, it is not just religious culture that afflicts us with its artificial boundaries, but scientific, political, and social culture that dictate how it is acceptable to express dissenting views, and each persecute accordingly, in their own respective style.

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