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Bruce Lee – “Be Water, My Friend.”

Bruce Lee shows us a practical application of the via negativa: The Way that is no way. Whether or not practicing the “combative arts,” we can see ourselves as vessels through which force is expressed. In here, we have the union of opposites: the vessel and the force, each giving expression to one another.

Many folks seem so quick to reduce the phenomena of life to a mechanical process and give up on becoming intimate with the incomprehensible. We understand how the body functions, but we still don’t know what life is. Materialism’s assumption is that all that is conscious relies on functioning organs and tissue to exist. However, when we observe a light bulb, we do not confuse the physical apparatus of the bulb with the force that is electricity.

In geometry the point is put into motion by force and becomes an endless straight line, which is curved into the spiral by the force’s opposite (inertia). This play of opposites complexifies and draws the spiral out into three-dimensional space and further transposes itself into time, giving itself it’s own causative reality in the conch shell and all patterns of nature. Expressing oneself authentically is artful living. It requires no prerequisites, and nobody and no circumstance can subtract from the potential to live authentically.

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