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Myth Making: Restoring the Universal Power of Story

The audio has some errors in the beginning, but those clear so stick with it! I also encourage all to watch all ten parts.

Mercury Rising has, for sometime, returned to a period of silent gestation; of learning what the true nature of the work is. In reaching back over the last year’s writings there are key themes which point to a unification of the mythos and logos, with an emphasis on personal empowerment through discernment. We can use the so-called “experts” as tools for understanding, but never yielding in our own critical rigor, both intuitively and intellectually. Yielding to no other’s authority but that of our inborn sovereignty. Using what we have gained in independent thought to give to the interdependent whole. The next several posts will be monthly musings on what exactly is meant by mythos and logos, and how a critical study of the two can aid in discerning our role in the “living reality.”

This term “living reality” will be used to describe life-as-it-happens, in contrast with the stories we tell ourselves about life or the various scientific models that are produced to describe the living reality. In other words, it is the ever elusive Truth.

First, I am interested in story. To look at closely at story, requires no advanced knowledge in any field. It does however, require a rigorous moment to moment analysis of our thinking. Our world is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves, both personally and as a culture. Our cultural stories filter into personal identity, playing a large part in shaping our psyche. To be clear, it is not the goal to make the perfect story of reality. To bask in the presence of the living reality requires, only, a perfectly story-less consciousness. The first step in reclaiming the power of myth-making is to realize that you are not the stories you tell yourself or the stories that culture creates about you. You are your own subdivision of the living reality, which is infinitely inter-related with the whole.

So, what is myth? Myth seems to have been relegated to the role of ancient fantasy story. A myth in our culture is either something that was a story created long ago, or it is a false societal assumption that requires debunking (ie “Myth-Busters“). However, a myth is not a true or false story. A myth is an important story. Myth shapes our identity. And if our awareness does not intercede between the creation of myth and our identification with the myth, than we have given up our power of myth-making, and have made ourselves unquestioning purveyors of the prevailing social engineers of mythos, namely the advertisers, entertainment industry, and news media.

The first level of empowerment through myth is making the distinction between the story you are telling yourself and the events that, once strung together, create the story. There is a school of dream analysis that says that there is no narrative during the dream, just a series of impressions flashed across the psyche, and that it is the dreamer upon waking that gives the dream it’s narrative arc. We can view our waking reality similarly. Myth and metaphor is one of most important tools that we use to replicate the world. As Joseph Campbell states, if you change the metaphor, then you change the world. Stories are dead unless we invest our hearts in them. But our world cannot afford our  investing our hearts in erroneous stories. We can create ourselves anew and birth a new world by resurrecting the mythos as a living analogue to the living reality. In this analogue, there is no finished world, no immutable law, no structure of belief, only a living process which, at no point, is requires our stories. Those remain for our own benefit.

On a collective level, we must listen to each other’s stories. We must create our platform, which is an inclusive culture, a culture which will not marginalize us and insult our intelligence and undermine our personal power. As it is, as Terrence McKenna puts it, “culture is not our friend.” We must push each other to DO THE WORK, require impeccability of thought and feeling. We have to believe that we, as our own audience, are worth the painstaking effort in creating a faithful body of artifice, which represents an authentic vision of ourselves in the world.

I would like to begin by opening up Mercury Rising to musings of others who are moved to share. I will, at this point, be contributor and editor. Allow yourself to be your own visionary, start now, if you haven’t already.

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