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Nurture is Nature

In this video Jiddu Krishnamurti is referring to the work of Argentinian doctor Rubén Feldman-González, who developed a branch of brain science known as Holokinetic Psychology, or Unitary Perception. This was developed out of a series of talks initiated in 1975 between Krishnamurti, physicist David Bohm, and Feldman-Gonzálaez.

Once the process of nature becomes self aware through its human faculty of contemplation, the nature and nurture debate begins to dissolve into itself. You cannot separate the two. The process of nurture is how nature is created. One time, I heard someone say, “there is no human nature, only human habit.” This works for me. People use the notion of “hard-wiring” to describe a multitude of belief structures regarding the why humans behave as we do: morally, ethically, sexually, and the rest. Some people will say humans are hard wired toward violence, it is in our nature. Others will say our nature is altruism.

The problem with using this metaphor of “hard-wiring” is that it makes nature into a fixed constant. But nature is totally and obviously a moving target. By the time we have made a well developed observation, the world has already created itself anew. We are quite literally creating our brain as we live. The connections we make, the conditioning we are subject to, all of this is creating our reality, both physically and mentally. Every seven years our body’s cells are completely new. So, to this extent our health is not primarily impacted by “bad cells,” but by the patterns with which we replicate ourselves.

There are a few phrases that stuck with me from high-school science, and one is Earnst Haeckel’s, “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.” This means that the development of the individual is mirrored by the evolutionary development of the species. In a psycho-physical sense, this implies that our brain’s “wiring” is conditioned by thousands of years of human behavior, and it’s physical structure is conditioned by hundreds of thousands of years of specie-al development, which is to say hundreds of thousands of years of “nurture.” And we continue this specie-al development through actions of humanity, collectively and individually. So, the establishment of awareness is not a small thing. It is not enough to say we create our reality by our thoughts and actions, however true it may be. But facing the immensity of our content, in such a way that has the potential of fundamentally transforming our consciousness, to the extent that this transformation brings about a physical mutation of the brain’s structure.

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Alchemy and Inner Transformation

Frédéric Lionel was an author and teacher of the Western Esoteric Tradition, a loose term that describes a set of teachings that is an amalgam of, among other influences, ancient Egyptian, Judea-Christian, Chaldean, and Babylonian sources, handed down from teacher to student.

Frédéric was also the teacher of my parents. Although, I never remember meeting the man, he performed my christening as a baby, and I remember my parents journeying to France and Germany to see Frédéric. At the time, I didn’t really know what sort of teachings they were seeking from Frédéric, but it was clear that he seemed important to them.

My late father wrote in the comment section of this rare YouTube appearance, “Frédéric was a master teacher. Think for yourself. -So Will, Love, Wisdom reflected by Charity, Hope, Faith are the petals of the Rose, symbolic of the sublimation of matter, blossoming at the center of the Cross, revealing the mystery of Life in the crucible of the world.”

Whatever, one thinks about alchemy, western esotericism, and it’s symbols is not important to Mercury Rising, these are secondary to the awakening of all available modes of perception and the ability of the individual to think on one’s own two feet, free of concept, opinion, and belief.

There is no one, no text, no teaching, no set of beliefs that give you the ability to think for yourself. There is no need or requirement to enclose yourself in a concept, you don’t need to ask an expert or authority if it is so, be still, and find out for yourself.

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