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If I had to venture a guess…

I have been asked to venture a scenario for what might be at work in the event of Apocalypse. Or put another way, to guess what is beneath the veil, of what is the veil constructed, and how it may dissolve.  The singularity and the event horizon are terms used these days, which are not synonymous with the term apocalypse, but influence current strains eschatological thought. They each have various definitions as they are used in different areas of study, but they represent the fundamental uncertainty that a given mathematical model is based upon. In Einstein’s relativity the singularity is hidden inside the event horizon. For our purposes, we’ll call it a riddle enfolded into a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, encased in a conundrum, birthing an abyss.

Charts of population growth and consumption of world resources show exponential growth or decay depending on what is being measured. Exponential curves cannot ever reach their asymptote, so the axis is the event horizon. So, what happens at the event horizon? If these charts run themselves out, without any major earth dissolving events or fundamental change in the global modus operandi, I imagine a world not unlike the plethora of sci-fi dystopia scenarios, in which most of the world is a post-industrial technocratic ghetto, kept alive as an incubator of energy for small pockets of oligarchy and their elaborate pleasure-domes. We aren’t so far of from that now. In our world and this future world, economies (or the wealth of the people) and ecosystems (the wealth of the earth) are continually diminished.

Besides being a very gloomy scenario, it is also a scenario that is not inclusive of how strange reality seems to be. For this particular type of gloom/doom scenario to work, the full ramifications of new physics and mathematics would have to be kept under wraps, by our own undesire to know and by those whose control may be threatened. It seems unlikely to me that this is possible, it’s too big, and it’s too in our face. But scientism is equally a peril to be avoided. We cannot afford the smugness brought on by the scientific fundamentalism that is endlessly confusing the new scientific model with reality. A description of reality is not reality.

Some of what I extrapolate from Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is that observation is an organizer of quanta. Less simply put, sub-atomic particles exist in a state of endless flux, we cannot observe the location and structure unless we measure it as particle, and we cannot observe its momentum or direction unless it is measured as a vibration. What is this power of observation? One could say that observation is awareness focused through sense organs. So, in this line of thinking, observation is the event horizon which conceals the singularity of awareness.

Observation is a capacity that we have, and it organizes the fundamental structure of our physical reality. This is a big deal. This sounds a little bit like the pop-spiritual meme of manifesting favorable circumstances through positive thinking. Except positive thinking involves the intercession of thought to create a story about a series of events. Here we are only interested in this phenomena as it happens, and the good news is that no one is more qualified than we are to make this observation for ourselves. We may even find that just as thought intercedes in observation, the observer intercedes in awareness. So, both thought and observation are tools of awareness in replicating life. It may follows that from awareness, sovereignty is derived.

Now, consider the veil that lies between us and the event horizon. This could be thought of as the Chapel Perilous, which Antero Alli discusses in the above video, he also refers to it as the dweller on the threshold. The dweller being the beastly reflection of our own ignorance, which is the accumulation of years and memories. The veil is made of all that we have gathered: our secrets, our clinging to comfort, and fear of being separated from all that defines us as somebody. Facing this may come as a result of re-cognizing sovereignty. But it has been staring at us the whole time.

This is the work. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We can’t leave it to the experts, the politicians, or spiritual leaders. We are responsible for our own senses, nervous systems, and psycho-emotional faculties, so that we can sort, for ourselves, what is shit and what is shinola. It’s the first step in the process of “knowing what to do.”

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