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Has anyone noticed how a circuit board looks just like an aerial view of suburban sprawl, I wonder why that is…really.

The land we live on top of has seen extraordinary changes since Europeans set their sights on what is now referred to as the Americas. This is sort of a pithy and obvious statement, but it is interesting to compare how much things have actually changed since the discovery of the the “New World,” with the typical contemporary view of what is possible to change. We already can’t see our way past roads and byways or dollars and cents, and iphones. There are a multitude of recent developments that we already see as impossible to live without. This is the state of our view of our role in specie-al development. We are only willing to see ourselves as the peak of evolution, not as a stepping stone for the will-to-life force to express itself.

If we are the peak of evolution, and we are attempting to maintain the assumptions that put us where we are, then there is only one direction to go, which is disintegration. Systems were not made to reach a comfortable plateau to maintain. They seem to be made to express greater and greater degrees of novelty, just as communities of microbes began to operate as and evolve into the cell, the entirety of of human enterprise is creating the next form of intelligent life: a living sphere of information which has its own existence and is interdependent with the biosphere of earth.

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