The Medium is the Massage

The medium is the massage, in so far as, each medium has the ability to coax the participant into agreement with the particular medium’s assumption. The internet has aided in shifting our culture toward the art of the one-liner. Often times the preview is more rewarding than the feature film. This website aims to exploit the interactivity of clip-culture. Large amounts of information can be conveyed with minimal energy. All information is interconnectable. Indeed this is how we construct our reality as our consciousness occurs 40 times a second. This why Brion Gyson and William Burroughs developed the cut-up technique. Today’s human can synthesize an ever increasing amount of seemingly disparate information into a cohesive world view, at an ever-increasing pace. This necessitates clip-culture. Side effects of this may include shorter attention span, and children that require greater stimulation in order to draw out their focus.

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