Who is the Master who makes the grass green?

The Problem

The jack has sprung from the box; post-modern physics has made available a dynamic awareness that all matter in the universe is energy vibrating at varying frequencies. Atoms only collapse into particles with an observer, before the observer they have more to do with rhythm than quantifiable objects. We can also split an atom and destroy millions of human, plant and animal lives, and scorch the earth for generations to come. We have found the limits to certainty. Logic is stumbling over it’s logical boundaries. However, we are experiencing a lag between making these discoveries and understanding what the implication is for our daily living. Operationally, we are using a set of assumptions about ourselves, the world, and the universe, which, on some level, we already know to be obsolete. When and how we integrate these understandings into our daily living is where the true r/evolution is taking place. It is not enough to read the articles and the books, but to know first hand, in our cells, who we are and what is the substance of the universe, and how do these two questions relate to each other.

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